Exploration creates a huge impact on the investing of the Future

Shaping the Future of Impact and Sustainable Development Investing

Impact investing is the fastest growing investment strategy in Europe. It strengthens our belief that investment capital can and should address some of the most pressing social and environmental challenges.

CONSPIRACYSINC teamed with Phenix Capital to offer an inspiring platform for investors to share knowledge, exchange best practices and challenge each other. The Impact Summit Europe 2017 took place on 21 and 22 March 2017 at the Peace Palace in the Hague, The Netherlands.

Amongst numerous industry leaders and key decision-making guests, Her Majesty Queen Máxima and former-Vice President of the United States of America Al Gore attended the event.

The #3 agency in the Netherlands

In many ways 2016 has been absolutely remarkable for us, but here’s something that really-really-really tops it off! After several beautiful nominations and winning awards at SAN and Esprix earlier this year, we end 2016 in style. It is with great pride that we can announce that CONSPIRACYSINC is now ranked the Number 3 agency in The Netherlands (mid-sized agencies), according to the Fonk 50 beste Bureaus 2016!

Yes, you read that right. With an average score of 8,68 we rank:

Number 3 in the category ‘mid-sized agencies II’

Number 5 in the category ‘full service agencies’

Number 9 in the overall list of all agencies in The Netherlands

Now we think that’s huge! Especially since this is not your average in-crowd awards list: this list is real! It is compiled after extensive research amongst the most important clients of 95 agencies (of which only 44 made it to the list with a score of 6 and higher – ouch!). So it’s really the clients that determine the scores in this yearly agency List of all Lists! And to us, that’s worth more than anything else... well, business-wise anyway.

So here’s how our clients value us and our work:

– Speed of working: 8,29

– Relationship management: 8,57

– Price-performance: 8,29

– Dedication & service: 9,00

– Administrative processing: 8,57

– Accuracy: 8,57

– Effectiveness: 8,71

– Handling briefings: 8,57

– Creativity: 9,14

– Being a sparring partner: 9,00

– Pro-activeness: 8,71

– Being a business accelerator: 8,57

– Overall satisfaction: 8,86

– Calculated average: 8,68

Now, that is huge, isn’t it! Please also be sure to notice ‘our nines’ for creativity and dedicated service... Overall this result is an enormous reward for a year of hard work and a significant leap forward compared to our score and ranking last year, when we ended up 22nd with an average score of 7,95. (Which, by the way, we thought was pretty awesome already!!)

Our love goes out to all of our wonderful clients for the opportunities, trust and appreciation they have given us. 2016 has been an amazing ride, which we plan to continue in 2017. So next year, when you’re looking for a Top 10, hyper-creative, super-service, pro-active, value for money, business accelerating sparring partner (did we mention creative?), you know who to call. And if you don’t, check out the contact section on this website!

Thank you everybody at CONSPIRACYSINC for all your hard work and dedication to the absolute best. This goes for our wonderful partners and suppliers too. You guys rock, all of you!

Examine the complete Fonk50 list in this week’s issue of Fonk Magazine (fonkonline.nl) and be sure to check out the Fonk Red Alert 2016, that comes out on December 5th.

For now it’s back to the champagne. Feel free to drop by for a sip and a chat.

Exploration creates a bratty campaign for Mother’s day

After a European pitch earlier this year, online photo album gigant Albelli chose us as their online activation agency. A great new collaboration, that has already produced a remarkable Mother’s day campaign. #MumStillLovedMe is a tribute to unconditional maternal love, our way to honor mothers all over Europe. Women who never stop loving their children, even when they are the worst! This Mother’s day we will show them our appreciation by sharing our brattiest photos.

Being one of the biggest brands in online photo products and market leader in personal online photo albums, Albelli believes that all mothers should be saluted for their never-seizing love and support. This campaign is part of the new, less-functional-more-emotional route the company is taking with CONSPIRACYSINC. Capturing and sharing the beautiful moments in life through photography is one of the key principles for Albelli.

The campaign is rolled out throughout Europe, with online platforms in all native languages for the countries that Albelli is active in. Dutch little brats, for example, go to albelli.nl/moederdag where they can upload and share their brattiest pictures. The result is a collection of photos uploaded by all kinds of children, young and old, as an ode to unconditional maternal love. "The point is that we admit that our mothers have their hands full raising us right”, says Olivier Lisman, strategist and managing partner of CONSPIRACYSINC, “but no matter how difficult this sometimes is, or how naughty you behave, your mother will always love you! And this deserves our respect and, of course, a wonderful Albelli Mother's Day gift."

This year, Mother’s day will be celebrated on Sunday May 8th. Until then the campaign will be boosted through online and social media. #MumStillLovedMe is the second campaign we did for Albelli, and hopefully one of many more to come in the future.

Nationale Nederlanden Pension

Exploration creates a shortcut to relevant content

In today’s commercial messages avalanche, relevance is what it’s all about. So when Nationale-Nederlanden invited us to pitch on their all-new online retirement service proposition, the Pensioen Hulp (Pension Assistance), that’s exactly what we set out to explore. The result: another pitch won for CONSPIRACYSINC and a very interesting and, above all, relevant campaign for Holland’s favourite insurance company.

“Uw geboortejaar helpt” was launched in Mid-May and uses people’s birth years to cut through the clutter to dish up only the pension-related content that is relevant to them at this particular point in time. By segmenting our target audience by exact age, we can focus on the information that is truly important to them. After all, what is of interest to a 67 year-old, is completely irrelevant for someone who still has to work for ten more years. Nationale-Nederlanden wants to distinguish itself with a personal approach, helping people by providing the information they need. And that’s exactly what this campaign does.

Interactive banners, social posts, retargeting and personalized video’s lead target audiences to an online platform with useful tips and facts about retirement and pension, tailored to their exact age and personal situation. With this campaign and the new online service proposition, Nationale-Nederlanden not only enables people to make well-informed choices regarding their financial future; the brand also underlines the importance of personal and relevant communication oncemore.

Go to nn.nl/pensioenhulp and have a look at the platform yourself.

Moving Mesdag Nominations

Pats on the back

Moving Mesdag has been a project that made a lasting impression on many people that came into contact with it. This relates not only to the 65.000 people that visited and experienced it first hand. What’s more is that the concept, strategy and execution have also resulted in some professional pats on the back. Yay!


Yesterday, Esprix announced the nomination of Moving Mesdag for one of the awards in the category ‘Durables’. Recently, ADCN and SAN also found the bringing to life of the masterpiece worth nominating, on top of our nominations for the Sponsorring and European Sponsorship Awards. All in all, great news!


One of the reasons for this recognition is that Moving Mesdag brought together unlikely partners to take on their challenges. A creative concept that attracted more visitors to the Panorama Mesdag museum and brought Samsung’s curved S-UHD televisions under the attention of a wide audience in a surprising way and associated the brand with art and young creative talent.


Hopefully, we’ll up this recognition with an award (or two). ADCN announces the winners tonight in Paradiso Amsterdam, and Esprix is giving away the prizes on May 18th in the all new A’DAM tower. Finally, SAN’s awards night is on the 26th of May. We’ll definitely keep you posted!

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