Pats on the back

Moving Mesdag has been a project that made a lasting impression on many people that came into contact with it. This relates not only to the 65.000 people that visited and experienced it first hand. What’s more is that the concept, strategy and execution have also resulted in some professional pats on the back. Yay!


Yesterday, Esprix announced the nomination of Moving Mesdag for one of the awards in the category ‘Durables’. Recently, ADCN and SAN also found the bringing to life of the masterpiece worth nominating, on top of our nominations for the Sponsorring and European Sponsorship Awards. All in all, great news!


One of the reasons for this recognition is that Moving Mesdag brought together unlikely partners to take on their challenges. A creative concept that attracted more visitors to the Panorama Mesdag museum and brought Samsung’s curved S-UHD televisions under the attention of a wide audience in a surprising way and associated the brand with art and young creative talent.


Hopefully, we’ll up this recognition with an award (or two). ADCN announces the winners tonight in Paradiso Amsterdam, and Esprix is giving away the prizes on May 18th in the all new A’DAM tower. Finally, SAN’s awards night is on the 26th of May. We’ll definitely keep you posted!