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Fondsevent is the largest know-how and network event for investment professionals in The Netherlands. This article is written by Managing Partner Norbert Pollemans who leads the production every year.

CONSPIRACYSINC organizes the event each year in cooperation with Fondsnieuws. The reason why Fondsevent is the leading event of its sort lies in its relevance and professionalism and the value of the information the advisors, bankers and asset managers take home. To uphold this level it’s vital the format is fresh every year and the content forges ahead of its time.


The insight

Fondsevent offers an overview of the most important trends and developments with regard to fund and index investing. The relevance of the event is reflected in the level and the specialty of the speakers as well as in the content and theme that is discussed. A few years ago the event’s name was changed to ‘Fondsevent 360’ to truly represent what it stands for: professionals, journalists, investors and industry-leaders who present their insights on the investment industry from all possible points of view.

The execution

Fondsevent 360 builds upon one or more themes about which seminars are given for all visitors attending. Afterwards, masterclasses are given to smaller groups, offering room for questions and debate. Each year the theme of content revolves around a subject matter destined to affect the investment industry severely. Whether it’s digitization, sharing economy or geopolitical turbulence, the content and advice needs to be fresh, helpful and professional. With journalist and presenter Rens de Jong as the solid rock, guiding the masterclasses and debates.

The results

The result of Fondsevent 360 is shown in its successive series of productions since 2008. It is known as the largest and most relevant investment event in The Netherlands. Time and time again, it has provided numerous investors, bankers and managers with the pieces of information needed for another successful investment year.

Olivier Lisman

Managing Director

“Each year, it’s exciting to see many of the leaders in the investment industry come together to discuss the state, development and opportunities of their business. By getting them together, presenting carefully chosen themes and stirring up lively masterclasses and discussions, Fondsevent 360 sends them home with a year’s worth of relevant financial know-how.”

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