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Kunst.nl is the largest art rental in The Netherlands and Belgium, with an extensive collection of over 50,000 original contemporary paintings, graphic works and sculptures by over 1,000 artists. This article is written by Managing Partner Norbert Pollemans who was in charge of the surprise art makeover process.

Kunst.nl touched base with CONSPIRACYSINC to increase awareness for their services and products with businesses across The Netherlands. How can we convince them of all the benefits and joy art can bring to their workplace?


The insight

Art can do a lot for your workplace. Art can inspire, connect and move people. But art isn’t always the first thing that pops in mind when it comes to boosting internal engagement and company pride. The real effect of art on a work place and the people employed there is only seen when it’s there. Same goes for the public in general. You will be more likely to appreciate art when it’s right there on display. So how can we bring our goods for everyone to see?

The execution

One of the ways we demonstrated what art can do, was by setting out on a secret over-night mission to brighten up the interior of a company with art from Kunst.nl’s collection. As employees walked in the next morning, we filmed their first reactions. We shared a mini-documentary of our Surprise Art Makeover on social and Kunst.nl’s website.

The results

The mini-documentary of our Surprise Art Makeover is a great tool for the sales team to explain the value of their services. It is a corporate film that demonstrates what art can do in an unusual and appealing format.

"This is exactly what we wanted to achieve, that people walk in here and think... wow!”

Marco van Essen — CEO of Wanzl (the company we gave a Surprise Art Makeover)

Olivier Lisman

Managing Director

“The strength of the Surprise Art Makeover is that it conveys the emotional benefit of art directly onto the screen. Whenever Kunst.nl is asked what is it they exactly offer, this video is all they need.”

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