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Walden creates refreshing iced tea drinks that serve as an ode to nature. Fresh and organic ingredients create a sparkling and biological refreshment. This article is written by Managing Partner Norbert Pollemans who was responsible for the Walden project within CONSPIRACYSINC.

After nailing the composition and production of their iced tea drink, Walden was ready to take their brand to the next level. CONSPIRACYSINC was asked to add some weight into the scale by creating designs for the products and expanding their brand story.


The Insight

American poet, writer and philosopher Henry David Thoreaux spent two years in a self-made cabin in the forest. A famous social experiment about immersing oneself into nature. His experiences were documented in what became the sole inspiration for this iced tea brand: Walden. An ode to nature that is tasted with every glass of Walden iced tea. This makes it more than just taste and ingredients. It’s an experience. An ode to life!

The Execution

Taking this insight as the basis for the brand story, we started working on creating the Walden bottles. Staying true to nature as well as to the heritage of our story, we based our designs for the Walden products on the classic botanical illustrations. By depicting the forms, colours and details of plant species, we associated the bottles subtly with the organic sensation of its taste.

The Results

By aligning the taste, the story and the design of the brand, Walden became a coherent and recognizable brand for the consumer that is looking for something real. In a consumer goods environment, where many try to fare dodge the environmental bandwagon, Walden commits.


Olivier Lisman

Managing Director

Walden provided a great opportunity for CONSPIRACYSINC to make a mark on a fast moving consumer good. Just like Henry David Thoreaux, we immersed ourselves with the whole office into nature for a week to become close to the Walden experience. We called it ‘field research’.

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