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Wij Kopen Auto’s

Wij Kopen Auto’s is a no-nonsense Dutch car procurement company. This article was written by Frank de Weijer who acted as Creative Director on the production of the TV commercial.

Wij Kopen Auto’s (We Buy Cars) makes selling your car easy, transparent and reliable. Without dodgy middlemen or matchmakers, it offers you a fair price directly online. For the Dutch and German market, Wij Kopen Auto’s aimed to create a TV commercial that emphasized this simplicity.

Wij Kopen Auto’s

The insight

Ease and simplicity is the basis for Wij Kopen Auto’s. The company differentiates itself through good taxation, fair prizing, reliable service and fast money without the bullshit bingo. This confidence is translated into the commercial. For a company with ease and simplicity as its core values, 20 seconds should be all we need.

The execution

Accompanied by a fast pace mix of animation and imagery, a no-nonsense and optimistic voice-over walks us through what WKA is all about. No romantic gestures or false aspirations but, like the service they provide, quick and simple. This is who we are. This is how it works. Take it or leave it. Wij-Kopen-Auto’s.

The results

After a succesful run in the Netherlands, the commercial was adapted for the German home market.

Frank de Weijer

Creative Director

This commercial shows how output should embody everything a company or a brand stands for. For WKA, simplicity is key. So why make things harder than strictly necessary? Easy, transparent and reliable. As simple as Wij, Kopen, Auto’s. Dot NL.

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